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  • Roasted Mushroom and Lentil Salad

    Jun 18, 2018

    This week UCOOK bring you the Roasted Mushroom and Lentil Salad, paired with a starting vegetarians dream, halloumi. It’s gooey and cheesy but holds together…

  • Sticky Vegan Pulled-Pork BBQ Bao

    Jun 14, 2018

    I watch a lot of food documentaries. From those focused on global warming to those about pure, hedonistic gluttony (has anyone seen Ugly Delicious?)….

  • Tangy BBQ Carrot and Bulgar Wrap

    May 28, 2018

    We’re officially in week 2 of UCOOK’s vegan menu! Together with UCOOK, we’ve given you a selection of vegan recipes instead of vegetarian ones,…

  • Tempeh Turmeric Fried Rice

    May 3, 2018

    Rice and I have a long-standing love affair. My heart was broken when I realised that I needed to be predominantly Gluten Free because of…

  • Sticky Asian-Style Pork Patties

    Mar 26, 2018

    Sticky Asian-Style Pork Patties
    Running a blog whilst working full-time jobs means that weekend shoots and less free time have become our reality, but the…

  • Stuffed Cheesy Mushroom Burger

    Mar 19, 2018

    Stuffed Cheesy Mushroom Burger
    It’s no surprise that we like burgers in all shapes and sizes on this blog. From the bunless falafel burger we…

  • Ponzu Edamame Bowl

    Mar 5, 2018

    Ponzu Edamame Bowl
    From acai bowls and Hawaiian poke bowls to Buddha bowls and noodle bowls, the bowl trend is alive and kicking in 2018….

  • Gorgeous Gazpacho

    Feb 28, 2018

    Gorgeous Gazpacho
    When we think of Summer fruits, one usually thinks of watermelon, juicy berries, mangos and other tropical delights. But really, which fruit is…

  • Yo Mama’s Peach Pie

    Feb 22, 2018

    Yo Mama’s Peach Pie
    We all have that one dish that reminds us so much of home that its funny how even the slightest aroma…