Her Harvest

Off of the main road, you happen upon Rosenhof Farm. A pretty non-descript farm that looks like it actually works – not one that works part-time as a model. It feels truly farm to table in a way that I haven’t felt since The Table.

At Her Harvest, the tables are set out on the lawn in a similar manner. With crisp white table cloths, reminiscent of the family lunches I’ve imagined they have at Italian lunch parties. The foraged posies on each table carefully arranged with a disruptive, but altogether perfect, Autumn leaf from the tree above breaking the white surface. It’s peaceful. Hanging from the trees are etherial dried arrangements with ribbons gentle dancing in the wind. I would be remiss if I were to describe Her Harvest to you without mentioning the dappled sunshine.

The wonderful people who work at Her Harvest are welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. We were offered to choose any table we wished (since we were classically too early for lunch for most people) and honestly bounced around a bit before settling under a dappled table. I prefer shade and others the sun – a happy medium.

The menu was not extensive but is clearly deeply considered. I started with a green juice and immediately wished I’d ordered a second after my first sip. I love green juice. It makes me feel healthy. The meals are organic and plant-based and carefully prepared for optimum digestion and health. At Her Harvest, they take the time to ferment, activate, soak and freshly mill each grain. Time spent which translates beautifully to the plate and to my iffy tummy.

I’m used to having one or two options on a menu, and it’s tough to choose when faced with a whole restaurant which caters to the lifestyle choices I’ve made. Nevertheless, I ordered the Her Harvest bowl, described as “A mungbean & millet falafel, chimichurri roasted pumpkin, sesame broccoli & baby marrow, tomato, spring onion & pickled onion salsa, avocado, sprouts, sauerkraut, sesame salt, greens & dressing served with buckwheat crepe or toast of choice” and my partner the “Avocado,Chimichurri & Scrambled Chickpea Tofu”, which I’ve actually never tried before.

Both meals were full of variety and flavour. I was constantly discovering a new morsel on my plate and especially loved the fermented mouthfuls. The creamy dressing offered on the side was swim-in-able. The subtle flavour of thyme was Autumny in the best way for a day that seemed undecided weather-wise. I ate slowly and chatted a lot. Revelling in the time spent away from the city and away from a time limit or a next place to be.

Once we’d licked our plates clean, we ordered a buckwheat pancake with cinnamon, lemon coconut sugar, a scoop of the turmeric sweet potato ice-cream and a side of the chickpea cardamom toffee. After loving my lunch I wasn’t sure about dessert. but I’ve heard life is too short not to have dessert (something about the Titanic) and the pancake with ice-cream was really the highlight of my afternoon! It was light and delicious and brought with it all of the childhood memories of pancakes I’d long forgotten.

This plant-based haven is the perfect place to escape to. Merely an hour and a half from the city, you can spend a languid day under the trees or dine inside their newly renovated farm shed. The fresh air is intoxicating and the food restorative, nourishing and just delicious.

Let us know if you’ve visited Her Harvest and what you loved?

We’ll be back soon!