Christmas Whole Roasted Cauliflower

  • Dec 19, 2017
While cauliflower is not on the list of peoples favourite vegetable we definitely think it deserves a spot closer to the top. It serves as the perfect base for the most amazing flavour combinations. Christmas lunch in our house is all about balance, and strong flavours. The 4 garlic cloves in this recipe form the base of a flavourful and smokey paste, that covers the entire head of cauliflower. Encasing it wonderful flavours that seep deep down into the stalk, making sure the entire cauliflower has a deep and well-rounded flavour.

You may have noticed that many of our recipes actually combine lemon and paprika, and we thought we’d share why. Paprika provides a lovely depth to a dish, accentuating any smokey flavours while lemons brighten those flavours up, leaving a more rounded taste in your mouth, instead of only a smokey flavour, you’ll begin noticing the slightly sweet notes the lemon will bring forward creating a different taste profile. We’ve made a little nod to the none other than Jamie Oliver, who already features quite prominently on most of our Christmas spreads and who inspired us with this dish. Of course, we made some adaptions, and feel we’ve definitely improved on what will now be a resident of the Christmas table for years to come.

Andy Williams definitely got it right when he sang Its the most wonderful time of the year… With most the family already down for the holidays we’re definitely feeling the festive spirit and have one last recipe to up our sleeve to round-off your Vegan Christmas Feast, – make sure you leave room for dessert, hint hint it’s not Christmas Cake.


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