Christmas Cocktail

  • Dec 12, 2017

Christmas Cocktail

With Christmas only 2 weeks away, the holiday festivities are in full swing. Look at any mall and you’ll see! We thought we’d start off our Christmas Feast recipes the right way – with a drink in hand. A “welcome to our feast” drink. A Christmas Cocktail.

We all love the fancy kind of drinks, but since Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is decidedly boiling, we thought we’d keep it simple. With only 5 refreshing Summer ingredients, we’ve made the perfect Christmas cocktail you can enjoy all day long. We’re not promising it will help you deal with that overbearing relative you’ve been avoiding all year, but it might just help a little!

You often see people in movies eating half a grapefruit for breakfast with a spoon, almost like its a dessert. I tried that once and was horribly disappointed by how bitter the fruit actually was. It turned out that grapefruit is quite an acquired taste. Their bulbous size; bitter pith (the white stuff that surrounds the fruit); and tart taste can be off-putting to those of us that are more accustomed to their sweeter citrus cousins, like the orange. But the fruit is pink so I couldn’t give up, I incrementally tried introducing it into my diet, from adding it to salads to adding some coconut sugar and discovering how incredible they can be in a cocktail.

On my quest to finding ways of enjoying what I once found a bitter fruit I also learned that not only are they beautiful fruit to look at but grapefruits are actually classified as a superfruit and contain an array of nutrients that I wasn’t aware of. Drinking grapefruit juice is a refreshing way to quickly boost your energy levels. Grapefruit contains a chemical compound known as Nootkatone, which is a very rare and important compound found within grapefruits and is probably one of its most valuable components in terms of extracting as an aromatic substance. Nootkatone helps improve energy metabolism in the body through AMPK activation (Activated protein kinase ). This results in higher endurance and boosted energy while also helping reduce the chances of developing diabetes.

Apparently, our obsession with the colour of grapefruit isn’t just a visual thing. All the grapefruit colours (You get a few different hues: oroblanco, pink, white and red) are packed with goodness, vitamins, and nutrients but the red and pink ones come with a little something extra. They have a higher count of an antioxidant called beta-carotene, as well as lycopene. Lycopene is one of a group of pigments that gives grapefruit – excluding white grapefruit – their colour, but aside from colouring it helps reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers.

Grapefruit has more water than any other fruit, water making up 92% of its volume and with 20% of your daily fluid intake coming from food, it’s easy to understand why we should include more of this hue fruit in our diet. It is a thirst quenching fruit, it’s pink and packed with nutrients and is only natural that we’d find all kinds of ways of eating it during the summer season. We added some fresh slices to our gin cocktail along with some sugar-free grapefruit juice; we try to keep our refined sugar intake as low as possible; topped it with some tonic and a few sprigs of rosemary and we had the perfect Christmas cocktail. Knowing all the science behind a grapefruit just makes our drink taste that much sweeter.


  • 30ml London Dry Gin
  • 100ml Grapefruit Drink
  • 200ml Fever-Tree Indian Tonic
  • Sprig of Fresh Rosemary
  • Quarter Slice Fresh Grapefruit
  1. Add your tot of gin to your chilled glass, followed by the grapefruit juice and tonic.
  2. Add your quarter grapefruit slice and rosemary sprig, using a spoon muddle the ingredients together, gently squashing the grapefruit to release some flavour.
  3. Top with ice and enjoy!


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